Friday, July 7, 2017

Book Review: When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Y'ALL. I think we may be reaching a peak book-year here in 2017. The 2017 releases I've had the pleasure of reading thus far are not playing and majorly raising the MG/YA bar! 

When Dimple Met Rishi is just the latest 5+ star YA I've gotten my hands on and the sweetest coming of age/not-love-love story. So many things to LOVE about this book. You know how you know it's top shelf? I started this, cooked dinner (read this while waiting for things to pre-heat, boil, etc.), and was also able to read while video games, tv shows, and everything else was background for the evening- and lost zero focus! You will be enraptured that quickly and completely! And of course, stayed up past my bedtime book-goodness level to finish it in one sitting (so, so, so good!)!

Quick Summary: Dimple Shah is setting up for her perfect summer - post-high school graduation and waiting for college to start (she'll be heading to Stanford). She is looking forward to Insomnia Con 2017 - a web development conference/camp at a local college. She is from a conservative Indian family, and while she is a proud, independent young woman with her career (not marriage) on the brain, her mother emphasizes looks and marriage, and well, finding her that perfect match. Rishi Patel is her complete opposite - he is also from a traditional Indian family but cherishes those traditions. He's heading to MIT in the fall and excited that his parents have arranged for he and Dimple to meet at Insomnia Con. But what he doesn't know... is that she doesn't know about any of this, not him, not the arrangement, not anything. This darling story... well... you'll have to read to see just exactly how that plan works out :) 

From friendship to romance and heartbreak, career choices to religious choices, honoring tradition to modernizing values, from the moment coffee gets thrown to the final Insomnia Con awards - you will be up past your bedtime too! 

And I can't close without just talking about the writing. Menon has a gift and craft for YA unlike many voices in the genre - it is fresh, genuine, and sounds entirely like the conversation you hear in classrooms and in the hallways of school everyday. I'm lacking a word other than real, but for kids (8th grade+ I'd say) who are looking for that book to hook them, this very well may be it! 

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