Sunday, March 19, 2017

Book Review: Strong is the New Pretty by Kate Parker

This book! As its subtitle perfectly captures, "A Celebration of Girls Being Themselves" - this is a mandatory book for anyone with a daughter, niece, god-daughter, classroom, library, (can you tell I love it?). 

The project was started by Kate Parker who is a professional photographer. She captures girls in the moment - not 'picture perfect' not 'still' not any of the adjectives you may associate with portrait photography. This book is a collection of those incredible photos, along with a quote from each girl alongside their photo.

The photos are organized into 9 categories with a brief intro by Parker, all themed around strength. The 9 chapters ring with fortitude, "Confident is Strong" (Chapter 1), "Wild is Strong," "Resilient is Strong," "Creative is Strong," "Determined is Strong," "Kind is Strong," "Fearless is Stong," "Joyful is Strong" and "Independent is Strong."

Each quote by these girls just makes you want to cheer. From the youngest to the oldest girls, they just are wise beyond their years.

Take for example, Emme, Age 7, captured up in the trees. "We weren't supposed to climb this high, but the view is better up here."

Magic. Pure magic y'all.

One of the things I love most about this collection is that it's so positive. We hear so much about negative images of girls and women (everywhere - TV, music videos, magazines, ads, etc.), and while that certainly is massive problem, instead of just complaining about it, let's replace some of these unrealistic images with real ones. And even better, let's give some awesome advice while we're at it. The photos are absolutely invaluable, but them quotes and advice on top of that? Even more magical.

Lesley, Age 18, sums it up pretty well, "Many girls grew up dreaming of a hero to save them. I grew up dreaming of becoming one."

All the feels and all the girlpower in this book.

Check out this fabulous video of Kate Parker explaining how the project started, and so many of her beautiful photographs! And get the book :)

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